Melissa B - Executive Search Administrator

"I was in desperate need of a professional makeover and rebranding. After 25+ years in the non-profit sector, Camille was able to take my diverse experience and communicate it in a way that, to me, was simply astonishing. I barely recognized myself on paper, but there I was and it was all true and accurate. 

With her unique perspective and ability to see me as more than the sum of my experience, I was able to look at myself, my marketability, and my potential with fresh eyes, and to be honest - hope. We need people like Camille Block in our life to draw us out, to listen, to encourage and to help us be in a position for whatever opportunity is just around the corner.  In my particular case, within one month of my professional profile "spa treatment", I was approached about joining a respected firm and am now on a new career path. It felt effortless because Camille knows exactly what she is doing."