Why Use a Career Coach and Why Connectivity?


  • Get help transforming your resume into a piece of professional art that stands out in written content and aesthetic appeal to represent the best of you.
  • Gain confidence with a powerful and optimized LinkedIn profile to reach recruiters and your network with your brand.
  • Receive concierge-style guidance, tools and strategies to use in navigating your career search, taking the stress off of what can be a challenging transition time.
  • Accelerate and simplify the job search process.
  • Discover new ways to tell your story and promote your brand, thus making interviewing much easier and more enjoyable.
  • Have access to the way executive recruiters think when they evaluate candidates and make changes accordingly.
  • Become more energized and strategic to go after your goals by having a coach available for Q and A along the way.
  • Avoid common mistakes made by job seekers and learn how to sell and market yourself. 

Sound helpful? Keep reading for more guidance to see if working with Connectivity is right for you:

As a bridge, I help clients cross over typical career search obstacles and muddy waters to connect them to where they want to go. Think of it – we hire experts all the time - a tax professional, car mechanic and doctor for instance, but we often muddle through our own resume writing and job search without the right tools or advice, even knowing that the stakes are high and can determine how we spend our days, months and years, not to mention how much income we bring home. Often, the job search is accelerated (saving you time and money) and made easier by hiring a good career coach who helps you learn the right plays, develop the skills, and keep you moving down the field towards your goal.

As most know, there are seasons in life when we may feel stuck or lost in our purpose, or we may simply need a better job. And sometimes, while things may be going well on the surface, we know deep down we need a re-boot because we realize there is something more. If you are in a career transition needing some help to get where you need to be or simply desire to get ahead of the game so you are prepared when that transition time will come, consider Connectivity. I help you to see your raw and natural abilities as well as your hard-earned skills and partner with you to translate those to the marketplace, giving you tools and confidence along the way. 

My style is collaborative, relational, curious, direct, deep, and authentic – I liken it to having a cup of coffee with a friend; conversational and comfortable but direct and helpful, leaving you energized by the caffeine and company. 

I am a combination of two styles - a coach and a consultant. As a coach, I know how to ask the right questions to ensure you are getting a personalized service that revolves around you and your needs, goals and unique brand. Nothing is "cookie cutter". Yet, as a consultant, I provide tangible help and answers within the timeframe we agree upon.  In other words, I don't just coach you what to do, I help you do it.

As a former executive recruiter, I can help you know what recruiters and HR leaders are looking for in their ideal candidates. And with a background in both sales and marketing, I am passionate about helping you sell yourself to a world needing your unique talents.

● Professionals feeling "stuck," desiring to re- brand themselves and shift in career direction.
● Executives needing a comprehensive branding package to better market themselves to recruiters and peers.
● A recently laid-off professional in need of tools and inspiration to get back in the game.

 If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may benefit from my services:

1. Does the thought of writing or revising your resume on your own feel overwhelming, yet you know you have to do it?

2. Do you want to present your best self to recruiters, employers or customers but cannot seem to translate your talents on “paper” or online?

3. Do you need help figuring out what makes you unique and desire to create your own personal brand, and then learn how to communicate it effectively?

4. Do you dread networking and need to find new strategies to connect with people?

5. Do you feel unprepared for interviews and lack the confidence to feel you can stand out to get the job?

6. Do you wish you had a professional coach to collaborate with in a deep and personalized  way to offer fresh ideas, support, advice, tips and tools as you wade through the maze of a career exploration?

If so, then feel free to reach out to see if my skills are a match for your needs.  camille@connectivity.cc