Enneagram Assessment & Coaching

Integrative Enneagram Coaching 

“What we don’t know about ourselves can and will hurt us…
As long as we stay in the dark about how we see the world and the wounds 
and beliefs that have shaped who we are, we’re prisoners of our history.”


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful, internationally recognized coaching tool encompassing nine diverse archetypes of leadership rather than a single style, or assumption, of what good leadership looks like. Each of the nine Enneagram Types represents a worldview and an archetypal way of thinking, feeling and acting in relation to the world, others and oneself. It is more than a profile of traits or behaviors, as it delves deeper into the motivations, defenses and fears that lie in the often-unconscious area of our personality.

Why will this be beneficial to me?

Two Report Options:

Standard report (22 pages)

  • Increase self-confidence, unlocking your unique strengths and finding pathways to improving overall contentment
  • Identify and shift patterns that keep you stuck in life and gain new tools to grow
  • Increase understanding and compassion for yourself and for others
  • Discover your strengths and unlock your unique, authentic power
  • Uncover fresh pathways to growth, development and happiness

Professional report (in addition to above - 42 pages)

  • Check in on stress and strain levels and increase your resilience
  • Increase productivity, effectiveness and motivation
  • Improve your career effectiveness and ability to work well with others
  • Build leadership authenticity, presence and impact
  • Identify work environments where you will thrive and where you will be drained or challenged

What is different about the Integrative Enneagram from other enneagram tests/tools?

The iEQ9 is an adaptive, intelligent 30-minute self-assessment that integrates the art and science of self- discovery and transformation, and goes far beyond traditional, limited ideas. Through a comprehensive analysis of personality and ingrained behaviors, the iEQ9 product suite provides valuable insights that facilitate greater self-awareness. The comprehensive, integrated, dynamically adaptive questionnaire is fast and effective. Statistic validation and unique machine learning algorithms continuously improves the accuracy.

Since its release in 2011, over 350,000 people have taken the iEQ9 and it's been updated to version 22. Using sophisticated statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as human experts in psychometry and cognitive scientists; to assure the most up-to-date accuracy and scientific validity. With a 95% accuracy confirmed by ongoing AI analysis, it is a comprehensive, accurate and robust tool used by corporate clients and individuals worldwide.

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